How to play blackjack?

The dealer deals each player two cards face up. The dealer also receives two cards, but only one is face up and the other is face down. Players can draw additional cards if they think this will help them get as close to 21 points as possible.

As soon as a player has taken a card that, in total with the rest, brings more than 21 points, he is automatically eliminated from the game. If the dealer went through the cards and dropped out of the game, then the player is declared the winner. And vice versa.

Low casino advantage

Blackjack generally has a very low casino edge, which makes it extremely profitable for the player. The more experienced the player, the more correct his strategy and the better his memory, the more chances he has to win in this gambling game.

Blackjack strategy

Unlike most casino games where luck is the only factor in winning, skill is just as important to a successful blackjack game. Since most casino games are based on independent events, the outcome of one game round is irrelevant to the outcome of the next game round.

In blackjack, the situation is reversed. Previous rounds have a direct impact on subsequent rounds. This is because a certain number of blackjack rounds are played using the same deck.

The cards that were used in this round are discarded and the next deal is made only using the cards remaining in the shoe. This means that each round of blackjack offers different probabilities of winning, depending on which cards are still in play.

Experienced players with a good memory, or better yet, with the ability to count cards, can have a big advantage in this situation, to the point that they completely eliminate the house edge and the game becomes favorable for the player and not for the casino.

Online Blackjack

Many players prefer to play blackjack at online casinos. Most online casinos offer blackjack games either based on software, the outcome of which is determined by a random number generator (RNG), or they can play blackjack with a live dealer.

When playing blackjack in an online casino, the player does not have the ability to count cards, as there is an automatic shuffle after each round of the game. RNG guarantees fair play. However, players can still gain an edge over the casino by applying basic blackjack strategy when making decisions.

In a live dealer game, the game takes place in a casino studio with a real professional dealer and is broadcast directly to the computer screen using the online casino software. Several players can sit at one table, each of whom can watch the cards are shuffled and dealt.

Live Dealer Blackjack creates a land-based casino atmosphere so that players who are proficient in card counting can take advantage of these games.

Blackjack variations

Over the past years, many variations of blackjack have been invented. The goal of the game always remains unchanged, only the paths of achievement change. Sometimes the changes can be minor and relate to the possibility of re-splitting aces. Or they can be global, directly affecting the course of the game. For example, when the dealer settles on a soft 17 or instructs to use only 6 decks in play.