Count cards blackjack – a strategy that allows you to get big wins

Gamblers always opt for the popular online blackjack game. It requires maximum attention, as well as the use of various strategies to make your game the most professional and win the biggest prizes. Count cards blackjack is one of the best ways to win in this game.

How to count cards blackjack online?

As a rule, experienced players have their own style of the game. Those who are just starting to play this game and are just looking for answers to the question of how to win the maximum amount at blackjack with the minimum cost, should understand the basic rule of card counting. Its peculiarity is as follows:

  1. After the dealer shuffles the cards, an equal number of small and large cards remain in the deck(s). During the game in the shoe, the composition of the unplayed cards changes. By tracking the exit from the game of small and large cards, the counters know which cards there are more unplayed ones.
  2. When there are larger cards in the deck, the card counter gains an advantage and makes big bets, and vice versa.
  3. First, each card is assigned a value. The counters then add up the values of each card they see on the table arithmetically to get the total. This amount is called the checking account.
  4. If the current score is greater than 0, then the remaining deck is dominated by the big cards and the counter takes precedence.
  5. If the current score is less than 0, then small cards prevail in the deck and the advantage is on the side of the casino.
  6. If the current score is 0, then the unplayed cards have an equal number of small and large cards, and the deck is considered neutral.

This strategy allows players to place more bets with less risk when the account shows that there is an advantage, as well as minimize losses in case of an unfavorable account.

Is counting cards in blackjack legal?

Every player knows that the topic of card counting is completely controversial. The casino would prefer it if everyone thought it was illegal. This theme has several features:

  • The fight between the casino and the players has not reached the final point, but there are no legal regulations on the illegality of count cards blackjack;
  • At the moment, the most appropriate answer to this question has been found: as long as the card counter uses only its intellect and does not use any auxiliary devices, the card counting process is not illegal.

If you follow the recommendations listed in this article and make the right choice, then there will be no more obstacles to win in blackjack. Who knows, maybe once you become a pro, you can apply your skills in blackjack count cards in the ordinary world on high-pot tables or take part in real tournaments.